Be the Lobster

Some 2017 sketches from my daughter-in-law’s Daily drawing book

A Marvelous Spark

Happy 2017! I’m happy to say that this first week of the year has started off with a lot of creativity, writing/reflection, and mind/body wellness. In my last post I mentioned that my Daily Sketch Journal had arrived. I started my first drawing on January 1st, and here’s the progress so far:

‘Be the Lobster’ might be the motto for 2017. The idea was inspired by the concept of stress, change, and growth. Lobsters experience discomfort as they grow, since their shells do not expand. In the process of growth, they shed their old shell and recreate a new one. They are vulnerable to predators as they molt and regrow a new shell.

We can learn from this process: in order to grow in any aspect of our lives, we need to expand our comfort zone. We may experience vulnerability and stress as we face changes, but we must understand that…

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