Pineapples Part 1

I went to a pineapple party yesterday.  Oh My Word.  I slept well last night!  I have made 4 pineapple quilts before, and I loved the process of building a block around a little square.  My friend Didi Salvatierra taught this class before she left the area, and I loved doing it with her for so many reasons, she is a wonderful instructor, and a treasured friend.  The featured pic and the following pictures are from her Foundation Paper process:

I am fortunate to live close to Gyleen Fitzgerald, who offered a Trash to Treasure Pineapple Challenge class. Here is where you can find Gyleen’s website Here is her book, and a pic of Gyleen with one of her pineapple quilts:

The class was supposed to be Saturday, but the weather forecast cancelled our class.  We were able to secure the location, and have the class yesterday.  I have so much to share about this class.  I highly recommend getting the DVD, the book, the tool (ruler) and if you are in the area of Northeastern MD, take her class!  This is not meant as a tutorial, but the old school teacher in me needed to get a visual for you.  Here is the process of taking a 2.5 inch square and building a 8.5 inch block:

We started the class with a brief “sit and listen”…and then we were off! I was thrilled to be in the company of a bunch of happy quilters.

Gyleen played Jamaican music when we got there, and when we had lunch, which consisted of everything possible made from pineapples, and more. I was especially intrigued by the variety of strips, and the personalities of everyone in the room…everything from organized to chaos, and in between.

Pretty soon, there were some beautiful blocks on display, and the fruits of our labor (pun intended!) were evident.

Several take-aways…I loved doing the pineapple quilt and learned SOO much about the variety of ways to build the blocks, add sashings and borders and have fun.  I had decided to do all of my centers as fruits and foods that could be made into jams and I was slightly disappointed in the fact that out of 30 pieces of fabric, I had no pineapple!  img_0031

Gyleen came to my rescue and donated an embroidered pineapple.  Jackpot! Here are the 4 blocks that were built yesterday, and I came right home and put together a purple one (of course!)

Stay tuned for more pineapple news! I see wooden painted quilt blocks (barn quilts) in our future!



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