Shop Hop

I was born, raised and still live near the Chesapeake Bay.  Last Fall, my friend Erin Underwood was busy planning a Shop Hop of the local quilt shops that surround the bay and coastal areas.  In 2016, Erin and her husband John opened a quilt shop in Newark, DE called The Blue Hen Quilt Shop, near the University of Delaware.  My feature picture in this blog post is designed by John Underwood, and it is so bright and cheerful!  The theme for the first Quilts around the Bay Shop Hop was Bay Life, and the event spanned March 3 through March 12.  From everyone I have spoken to, it was a huge success!   There were goodie basket drawings in each store, and three grand prizes were announced this week from entries of those who visited all nine stores.  In addition, an incentive of 10% savings for a year in those stores was also offered.  Fortunately, the Nor’easter storm arrived the following day and didn’t affect the attendance!  A total of nine shops participated, here are their blocks and their settings:


My husband and I started our adventure on the second day.  We travelled to three stores that day, and the shop owners couldn’t have been more welcoming!  Each shop had designed a block and offered a free pattern to all visitors.  The kits were so reasonably priced that I picked up one from each shop too!  Two days later, we visited the four stores in Delaware.  Each one had designed a unique setting for the blocks, and the pattern and kit for that could be purchased too!  Two days later, we finished up the last two stops in Howard County, MD.  My passport got its last two stamps!


 I took pictures of the blocks so I could get some ideas of how to do quilting on them, and I am glad I did that!  These were beautifully quilted by the Spring Water Designs store in Columbia:

 I was so glad that I was able to participate in this wonderful activity!  I couldn’t wait to get started on the blocks!  I was impressed with the patterns and fabric choices.  My light box was helpful in tracing the patterns to the fusible transfer paper. 


I am still working on adding finishing touches, so this is a work-in-progress! 





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